Most frequent questions and answers

Anonymity is a double-edged sword. It can make us less accountable and less empathetic to the impact of our actions. By freeing us from consequences, it can bring out the worst in us. But anonymity can also be liberating. Ventriloquism can expand our creative horizons by allowing us to experiment with different identities or provide a safe space to talk about sensitive issues. At Fellout Afrikana, we accept pseudonyms and anonymus submissions but discourage hiding behind a mask merely for the sake of hiding.

We welcome submissions from new writers, photographers, illustrators and assorted creative folk. You can read our submission guidelines here. Just so you know, we get a lot of people wanting to contribute so we aren’t able to write a personal reply or offer feedback to every email.

You can submit to Fellout Afrikana through the general submissions form here. Alternatively, you can submit directly to your favorite writer through the link on their author page.

Fellout Afrikana has also a freelance program for independent writers. If you have a freelance proposal for Fellout Afrikana, please direct it to pitches@felloutafrikana.com

We believe and try to biuld on the notion of writing as a hobby and not a business. Fellout Afrikana employs many full-time staff writers, most of who were recruited after contributing regularly to Fellout Afrikana. We typically look for writers that have a proven track record on the platform.

Currently, we are only hiring based on referrals from existing employees.

Fellout Afrikana is seeking motivated sales people in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Contact inquiries@felloutafrikana.com

For official Writers its a minimum of two articles a week, but for a contributing or affiliate writer you are not limited to any amount of articles at a given time.

We are located where ever you are. We are watching. Hahaha.